Karma School

Episode 044

What I Wish I Knew: Private Equity Leaders’ Advice to Their Younger Selves

In this reflective episode of the Karma School of Business Podcast, we gather pearls of wisdom from seasoned private equity veterans and business builders as they share the advice they would give their 22-year-old selves. With insights that span from embracing resilience to the power of authenticity, this episode is a guidebook for both personal and professional growth.

Join host Sean Mooney and the BluWave team as they delve into these transformative lessons that transcend time, providing guidance for the next generation of business leaders and anyone eager to refine their path to success.

1:49 - Andy Greenberg, GVC: "Just Say Yes"
4:43 - Ed Hine, Line 5 Capital: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
7:45 - Matt Cole, SBJ Capital: Embrace the Journey
10:07 - Scott Phillips, Orix Capital Partners: Resilience in Tough Times
13:01 - Cici Zheng: Everything Will Be Okay
16:33 - John Huhn, Compass Group Equity Partners: Persistence Pays Off
19:20 - Brian Adams, Excelsior Capital: Own Assets Early
22:19 - Mohit Kansal, Clairvest: Skill Development Focus
23:35 - Marshall Phelps, MidOcean Partners: Invest in Relationships
26:09 - Devin Mathews, ParkerGale Capital: Be Authentically You

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