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Do you need an exact-fit, PE-grade, third-party resource for your nuanced due diligence, value creation, or prep-for-sale work? We’ve got you covered.

Our One-Day Process

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It all starts by getting in touch with our client coverage team. Whether you choose to fill out the form above or contact your designated BluWave client coverage team member through phone or email, we’re happy to hear from you in whichever manner you prefer.

Scoping Call

Our client coverage team will loop in members of our Research & Operations team who will quickly scope out your exact need.

Project-specific vetting

The Research & Operations team will consult our exclusive Business Builder’s Network to source the specialized resources who have the exact experience for your specific need.


In as few as 24 hours from the initial contact, we’ll introduce you to experienced, best-in-class resources from the Business Builders’ Network who are ready to make an immediate impact.

outcomes & accountability

We stay with you every step of the way, ensuring the engagement is going smoothly and exceeding expectations.

I’ve always been so impressed by your network, deep firsthand understanding of what “great looks like” for PE, and your ability to run down trusted back channels from trusted sponsors, and that all came to bear here in such a meaningful way. While we pride ourselves in running efficient search processes, 2.5 weeks is a new record.
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