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Using Lean Six Sigma to optimize teams

July 29, 2021

By: Sean Mooney

In a recent article for CEOWorld Magazine, BluWave founder and CEO Sean Mooney shared how his love for the beautiful, streamlined, and seemingly perfect Ferrari sports cars that constantly improved with each model led to his love for the concept of Lean Six Sigma. He saw a similar sense of beauty in the ideas of perfecting form, reducing variability, eliminating waste, and continuously seeking improvement.

While the concept was first embraced by the manufacturing industry, it is becoming increasingly popular across all sectors and industries, even in how business leaders think about their people.

You can read the full article and Sean’s thoughts on how Lean Six Sigma is all about people here. And if you need help connecting to the fractional and interim resources you need when you need them in order to apply Lean Six Sigma in your business, you can contact us here.