10 Common Cybersecurity Gaps & How to Avoid Them

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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our world’s digital transformation and has made businesses increasingly more virtual. In a tech-driven world, cybersecurity is vital to a business’ success, and it’s an area that is constantly evolving as the tech landscape shifts with new advancements. In fact, in 2021, we saw IT strategy land the number 6 spot in the BluWave Value Creation Index, signifying that cybersecurity was a top area of focus for PE firms, their portfolio companies, and proactive companies.

Staying up to date with the latest and greatest in cybersecurity is a full-time job that most companies don’t account for, causing many to fall short in digitally protecting their business. Thankfully, there are service providers out there that can take on this vital job for you and take care of your cybersecurity needs.

Curious what you may not be doing that you need to be? Trying to determine whether or not third-party cybersecurity expertise is something you need? Check out the PDF below to discover the 10 most common cybersecurity gaps companies face and how to avoid them.

If any of these gaps resonate with you, it may be time to connect with a third-party provider. We have a deep bench of PE-grade, pre-vetted service providers with specializations across various industries that we would be happy to connect you with – contact us here or use the “Start a Project Button” in the top banner.

Interested in learning more about how we can help with firms’ and companies’ digital and IT-related needs? Check out the below case studies:


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