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5 hacks for your personal and professional life

February 24, 2021

By: Sean Mooney

One of the silver linings of 2020 was my increased focus on (and confidence in) protecting my time. Spare moments were few and far between, as I, like so many parents in similar circumstances, attempted to walk the fine virtual line between my personal and professional life. A few weeks ago, BluWave spoke with a group of women in private equity to “knowledge share” and provide a space of support as we continue to navigate the “next normal.”


While the conversation was filled with enlightening information and helpful insights about everything from managing employee expectations to helping support portfolio companies poised for rapid growth amidst a still shifting landscape, the takeaways I most appreciated were, in essence, the simplest in theory. Even if you find just one of these useful, you will be one step closer to regaining your sanity.


Hack #1: Schedule a one-hour lunch in your calendar every single workday.

Whether you plan on eating a hamburger at your desk while perusing Amazon, or taking a walk around the neighborhood, do something unrelated to work that offers a refresh.


Hack #2: Take the time to say thank you.

Gratitude never gets old, and offering it is still the fastest gesture to remind someone you are a human—even in an increasingly virtual world. If you are looking to make saying “thank you” a programmatic part of your work life, look no further than the Thnks app, whose tagline “growing business with gratitude”, says it all.


Hack #3: Take a walk.

If you didn’t take a walk during your pre-scheduled lunch hour (refer to hack #1), then take one during a non-video conference or casual check-in call. Even if, like me, sometimes you only get as far as the mailbox, you’ll feel better after moving your sit bones.


Hack #4: Import your commute time into your virtual office life.

Translation: if you used to listen to a podcast while driving to the city, or read a book during your morning train ride, then continue to make that commute time focused on nurturing your curiosity.


Hack #5: Make time for catch-up calls with new entrants to the workforce.

Many of them may be flustered from the disruptions of 2020. Paying attention to these folks will ensure they perform and produce work effectively, and it also creates loyalty: an important aspect of reducing turnover and overall company success.


BONUS HACK: Look your best.

Looking like you’ve got it together on video calls is essential these days. Even if you’re just suiting up from the waist up, here are some colors to consider and some grooming tips to explore.