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BluWave Insights: How the Agile Workforce is Impacting the Economy

August 31, 2020

By: Katie Marchetti

Many hiring managers report that they face a talent shortage, which is why the agile workforce – independent professionals hired on a project-by-project basis – is only going to become more critical in the coming years. In my first article for Toolbox HR, a new platform for executives to learn about everything from cybersecurity trends to the nuances of “people and talent,” I explore topics related to this workforce evolution. 

What is the agile workforce?
Simply put, it’s flexible, filled with experts, and moves quickly to help companies address a wide range of talent issues. Companies can access industry- and project-specific expertise with the flexibility to quickly and efficiently adapt to rapidly changing economic circumstances – crystalized in the massive economic fallout of COVID-19. Agile workers are becoming more important all the time.  

In the article, I address the following: 

  1. Finding Professionals With the Right Skills 
  2. Why Agile Workforce Isn’t the Gig Economy 
  3. Making the Most of the Agile Workforce 

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