BluWave Team Interviews | Cydney Dicken, Strategic Account Executive

A crucial part of BluWave is our Research & Operations team. This group of individuals diligently works to quickly scope clients’ needs, onboard PE-grade service providers, and connect clients with the exact-fit providers that meet their unique needs. Recently, we sat down with a Strategic Account Executive from the R&O team, Cydney Dicken, to learn more about her role and why she joined BluWave in April of 2021.

How did you hear about BluWave and what made you want to apply for your position?

I found BluWave through LinkedIn. I was potentially looking for a job in the PE world and the job description caught my eye.

What’s your favorite part about our team and culture? What excites you most about BluWave?

I love the close relationships that come with being on the BluWave team. We all have great relationships with each other and genuinely enjoy being around each other. That makes coming to work really fun because our day-to-day interactions with each other are always positive. As far as what excites me about BluWave, it’s definitely how fast we are growing.

Moving into your role and the Research & Operations function, what’s your background and why did you choose to go into this field?

When I first graduated college, I worked in sales as a sort of stepping stone. I was really drawn to our Research & Ops team because I do well at being organized and thinking through projects, which was a perfect fit for what our team does.

What’s your favorite part of the job and what do you find most rewarding about it?

My favorite part is definitely having the opportunity to learn about so many different nuanced aspects of business across a wide array of sectors & industries. Working with 500+ PE firms, their portfolio companies, and proactive companies, we get to learn about all the nuances for everything from inflation struggles in manufacturing companies to recruiting needs at a recently merged food and beverage company.

Closing a project with a client is what I find most rewarding

Now for the fun stuff, what’s your favorite restaurant here in Nashville?

This is a hard one, but I think I have to go with Superica.

What are your favorite hobbies and activities when you aren’t in the office?

Hanging out with friends, playing with dogs (even though I don’t have one here), & trying new hot sauces.

And finally, what’s your go-to vacation spot?



If you’re interested in joining the BluWave team, be sure to check out our open positions.


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