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An outstanding board is invaluable to an organization. The power to make strategic decisions, the ability to drive innovation and the capacity to inspire stakeholder confidence is all within its power. Having helped countless businesses with this very process, BluWave has a unique perspective into the fundamentals of the board recruitment process and the best practices that make it efficient and effective.

Working with one of the expert third-party resources in the Business Builders’ Network can save you time and money while ensuring that you make the right selection for your company.

Let’s take a deeper look at the details that go into this critical decision.

Understanding the Board Member Recruitment Process

Board member recruitment goes beyond the confines of structured interviews – it is a crucial facet of organizational governance. A well-executed process determines the structure of leadership, influencing decision-making and strategic oversight.

“We’re starting to see some PE firms look for those board members during due diligence to help with some of those diligence opportunities as senior advisors then convert post-close to board members,” says Scott Bellinger, BluWave’s co-head of research and operations.

Industry-specific third parties not only know how to run the process for your business, they’re also connected with the most qualified candidates for your specific situation. Access to these resources can save businesses from the headache of sifting through unknown or unproven options.

Best Practices for Recruiting Board Members

Identifying Desired Board Member Attributes

First, you must identify the qualifications, skills and diversity that board members need to possess. These attributes should be aligned with the objectives of the organization, facilitating its growth trajectory.

Developing a Comprehensive Recruitment Strategy

A clear blueprint and timeline form the foundations of a robust recruitment strategy. Tapping into various channels – from professional organizations to networks and referrals – can greatly enhance your reach to potential board members.

Navigating these channels can be intricate, though, highlighting the need for expert third-party resources to guide the process.

Implementing an Effective Screening and Selection Process

The backbone of successful board recruitment is a comprehensive screening and evaluation process. The stages – ranging from interviews, application reviews, reference checks, background investigations, to skills assessments and board observations – require careful execution. Thorough due diligence, particularly during reference checks and interviews, should never be rushed or downplayed.

Utilizing a Board Recruitment Matrix

A board recruitment matrix can be a game-changer. This visual tool evaluates the current composition of the board, unveiling gaps that need to be addressed. The matrix ensures that new board members are appointed based on the required skills, expertise and diversity, fostering a team that’s well-equipped to navigate organizational challenges and stimulate success.

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So what does a great board member look like?

“Someone who has scaled a business in the same space at a larger size company,” Bellinger says. “Someone who knows what best-in-class looks like in this industry.”

BluWave is prepared to connect you with an exact-fit service provider, equipped to streamline and optimize your board recruitment process.

When you’re ready to elevate your board recruitment process, get in touch with us. Our research and operations team will scope your needs and provide best-fit candidates for you to evaluate within a single business day.


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