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Temporary CFO Assignments: Hire the Right Interim

Identifying an interim chief financial officer can be tedious, if not expensive. Companies that don’t know what they’re looking for when they begin their search could spend large sums of money on headhunters and recruiting firms. They can also lose valuable time interviewing unqualified candidates. When hiring an interim CFO instead of a permanent replacement, […]

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IT, Software Strategy Solutions for Healthcare Services Industry

Healthcare services organizations face many challenges as they grow and adapt. From the complexities of integrating disparate IT systems and practices to the critical need for robust data management and compliance, these challenges require sophisticated and specialized solutions. This blog post explores how healthcare organizations can navigate these obstacles, focusing on scalability, data compliance, strategic […]

Financial Planning, Modeling, Analysis Resources for Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry confronts unique financial and operational challenges, particularly when integrating acquisitions, standardizing financial reports and achieving precise financial forecasting. These tasks become even more intricate with the necessity for in-depth profitability analysis and the adaptation of project-based costing solutions for custom manufacturing processes. The complexity and diversity of these processes demand specialized financial […]

Quality of Earnings Resources for Tech Software Companies

In the technology – software industry, companies regularly encounter complex challenges that can impede growth and muddy financial clarity. These range from resolving contractual disputes and integrating IT systems post-merger to ensuring accurate revenue recognition and navigating regulatory compliance. Each issue presents a unique obstacle, demanding specialized knowledge and strategic expertise to overcome. Expert third-party […]

Operations Diligence Resources for Healthcare Products Industry

In the medical devices and healthcare products sector, companies are increasingly faced with complex operational challenges. From ensuring thorough operational diligence in potential acquisitions to optimizing manufacturing and supply chain efficiencies, there’s little margin for error. This blog post addresses those pressing issues and highlights how expert third-party service providers in BluWave’s network can offer […]

Most-Requested Temp Staffing Resources in Healthcare Services Industry

Healthcare services businesses face many industry-specific challenges when it comes to temp staffing. From filling leadership roles on short notice to finding candidates with precise skills and ensuring operational efficiency during periods of transition, the stakes are high. Let’s talk about some of the most common challenges we see in this industry and how leveraging […]

IT, Software Strategy Resources for Private Equity Firms

In the high-stakes world of private equity, the strategic deployment of IT and software solutions is not just an operational necessity but a competitive differentiator. Firms face complex challenges, from ensuring robust cybersecurity across diverse portfolios to optimizing technology stacks for data-driven decision-making and leveraging artificial intelligence for enhanced operational efficiency. By partnering with specialized […]

CFO Headhunters for Consumer Products Companies

Companies in the consumer products industry face unique challenges when it comes to financial leadership. Operational expertise, strategic financial planning and the adoption of modern ERP systems are just some of the areas where an experienced CFO can make a difference. But how do you know which recruiting firm to trust with such an important […]

System Selection & Implementation Solutions in Professional Services Industry

In the professional services industry, companies face challenges like system integration difficulties and outdated technologies. Expert third-party service providers in BluWave’s network offer crucial support in these areas, from ERP system integration to optimizing existing platforms. Their expertise not only addresses immediate concerns but also paves the way for scalable growth. Let’s explore how these […]

Meet Evan Garoutte

Name: Evan Garoutte Hometown: Springfield, Missouri Team: Client Coverage Title: Account Manager What’s your favorite thing about working at BluWave? I love working in an organization of go-getters. Two of our core values are “Grow” and “Win,” which I think are great representations of our people and culture. We are constantly striving to improve and […]

5 Challenges Interim CROs/CSOs Solve for Software Companies

The software industry is characterized by its rapid pace of innovation and market dynamics, presenting unique challenges in sales and market strategy execution. Technology companies, from startups to established enterprises, often face hurdles in optimizing sales strategies, enhancing team performance and tapping into new growth avenues, all while maintaining a competitive advantage in a fast-evolving […]

5 Challenges Interim CROs/CSOs Solve for Manufacturing Companies

Sales and market in the manufacturing industry presents a unique set of challenges that demand strategic insight and operational finesse. Companies often grapple with optimizing sales strategies, enhancing team performance and identifying new growth opportunities, all while striving to maintain a competitive edge. This blog post explores how interim chief revenue officers (CROs) and interim […]


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