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CFO Headhunters for Consumer Products Companies

Companies in the consumer products industry face unique challenges when it comes to financial leadership. Operational expertise, strategic financial planning and the adoption of modern ERP systems are just some of the areas where an experienced CFO can make a difference. But how do you know which recruiting firm to trust with such an important […]

System Selection & Implementation Solutions in Professional Services Industry

In the professional services industry, companies face challenges like system integration difficulties and outdated technologies. Expert third-party service providers in BluWave’s network offer crucial support in these areas, from ERP system integration to optimizing existing platforms. Their expertise not only addresses immediate concerns but also paves the way for scalable growth. Let’s explore how these […]

Meet Evan Garoutte

Name: Evan Garoutte Hometown: Springfield, Missouri Team: Client Coverage Title: Account Manager What’s your favorite thing about working at BluWave? I love working in an organization of go-getters. Two of our core values are “Grow” and “Win,” which I think are great representations of our people and culture. We are constantly striving to improve and […]

5 Challenges Interim CROs/CSOs Solve for Software Companies

The software industry is characterized by its rapid pace of innovation and market dynamics, presenting unique challenges in sales and market strategy execution. Technology companies, from startups to established enterprises, often face hurdles in optimizing sales strategies, enhancing team performance and tapping into new growth avenues, all while maintaining a competitive advantage in a fast-evolving […]

5 Challenges Interim CROs/CSOs Solve for Manufacturing Companies

Sales and market in the manufacturing industry presents a unique set of challenges that demand strategic insight and operational finesse. Companies often grapple with optimizing sales strategies, enhancing team performance and identifying new growth opportunities, all while striving to maintain a competitive edge. This blog post explores how interim chief revenue officers (CROs) and interim […]

Resources To Solve Operations Challenges in Distribution Industry

In the distribution industry, operational agility and strategic foresight are keys to modern commerce. Businesses face challenges such as optimizing distribution center operations and managing international supply chains, each of which requires a tailored strategy to remain competitive. This blog post delves into five critical operational challenges within the sector, highlighting how specialized expertise can […]

Growth Strategy Resources for Construction & Engineering Industry

In the construction and engineering industry, companies face operational challenges that span from strategic market analysis to optimizing manufacturing processes. Each one presents a unique obstacle as well as an opportunity for growth. Working with third-party experts who have a nuanced understanding of the industry can give your PE firm, portfolio company or private or […]

Efficient Operations Resources for Food & Beverage Industry

In the food and beverage industry, operational challenges are as diverse as the products on the shelves. From the maintenance of specialized equipment to the strategic expansion into new markets, companies within this sector can always find ways to enhance efficiency, reduce costs and optimize processes. These challenges present significant opportunities for growth and improvement […]

How Hospitality Industry Benefits from Interim Executives

The hospitality industry has operational and strategic challenges that require a special breed of leader. From the pressing need to adapt and thrive in the digital marketplace to the critical requirement of streamlining operations for scalability and efficiency, success doesn’t come easy. These challenges are compounded by the industry’s rapid pace of change and ever-evolving […]

Operational Due Diligence Resources for Manufacturing Businesses

Manufacturing companies constant seek to enhance operational efficiency, ensure safety compliance and embrace the technological advancements that automation brings. Optimizing customer success and new process implementations are just some of the challenges businesses face when transitioning to automated systems. To execute well, businesses need someone on the inside with a deep understanding of industry-specific dynamics […]

Operations Performance Tactics for Software Businesses

From ensuring the effectiveness of customer success and implementation processes to modernizing the professional services organization, optimizing operations for technology-software businesses can be challenging. As these businesses scale, the need to streamline operations becomes crucial for maintaining efficiency. For those about to go public, organizational design for IPO readiness requires careful planning and execution. The […]

Popular Digital Marketing Demand Gen Services

Whether it’s breaking through the noise to capture the attention of potential customers, carving out a distinct brand identity post-merger, generating high-quality leads in niche markets or scaling eCommerce operations, digital marketing demand generation offers many challenges. These are exacerbated by the new platforms and technologies that seemingly multiply every month. To overcome these barriers, […]


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