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Equipping Your Sales Team with ICPs, TAMs Using RevOps

Companies often rely on limited, internal data to define their ideal customer profile (ICP) and total addressable market (TAM). This creates an echo chamber in which businesses miss opportunities to target their most valuable clients. To combat this challenge, revenue operations specialists come alongside these companies. They deploy a meticulous process, which equips sales teams […]

How To Select an ERP System for Software Companies

Selecting and implementing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a crucial decision for technology software companies. The journey from legacy systems to more dynamic solutions offers a glimpse into the ambition of tech companies to harness technology for operational excellence. Choosing between Sage and NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Acumatica or Quickbooks and […]

How RevOps Accelerates Time to Value for Investments

Revenue operations unify the go-to-market strategies across sales, marketing, customer success and finance, streamlining processes from lead generation to revenue realization. Whether private equity firms are deploying revenue operations during the due diligence process, or private and public companies want to be more efficient, this process can accelerate the time to value for investments. “We […]

Revenue Operations in Due Diligence: How it Creates More Value

Revenue operations is a valuable strategy businesses use to align sales, marketing, customer success and finance operations to drive growth. RevOps is not just a buzzword; it represents a holistic approach to removing silos between departments, ensuring that each function is working toward the same goals. By integrating processes, people and technology across the organization, […]

Private Equity Forecast: BluWave Predictions Tracker

As part of BluWave’s quarterly Private Equity Insights Report, BluWave CEO Sean Mooney shares predictions on the PE industry and economy at large. These forecasts are based on BluWave’s proprietary data, publicly available economic data and Mooney’s instincts from nearly 20 years working in private equity. To hold himself accountable, here’s a look back at […]

IT Due Diligence for Manufacturing Companies

The manufacturing sector, with its complex supply chains and reliance on precision, stands on the brink of a technological renaissance. As companies look to acquire or merge with manufacturing entities, IT due diligence emerges as a pivotal element, one that can reveal the technological prowess or deficiencies of a target company. This meticulous examination goes […]

Commercial Due Diligence for Automotive Industry Businesses

Commercial due diligence is a critical step for private equity firms considering investment targets. Whether conducting a market analysis, understanding voice of customer or getting intel on the competition, the more accurate information a PE firm can obtain, the more informed their investment choices will be. In the automotive sector, the stakes are particularly high […]

BluWave Awards 2024: Top Private Equity Innovators

We’re proud to announce the third annual Top Private Equity Innovators with the 2024 BluWave Awards*. “We’re regularly asked by market leaders about the best practices that are being embraced by the most innovative private equity firms,” said BluWave founder and CEO Sean Mooney, talking about the impetus for creating the awards. Learn more about […]

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BluWave Awards 2024: Access Holdings is PE Innovator of the Year

We’re proud to announce Access Holdings as Innovator of the Year in the third annual BluWave private equity awards*. The Baltimore-based firm was selected for its for exemplary innovation and leadership. “For over a decade, we have endeavored to do things differently,” Access Holdings Founder and Managing Partner Kevin McAllister said. “By listening to and learning […]

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Due Diligence for Media, Entertainment Acquisitions

Commercial due diligence in the media and entertainment industry brings with many nuances. A one-size-fits-all approach isn’t enough for private equity firms evaluating potential acquisitions. Technological advancements and shifts in consumer behavior only complicate this process, making a thorough understanding of the market even more crucial. Let’s discuss the four foundational aspects of CDD and […]

Top Private Equity Podcasts

Private equity has a reputation for being an opaque industry to outsiders, with accessible expert insights difficult to find. Some of PE’s most experienced professionals, however, are out to change that. These in-depth podcasts pull the curtain back on due diligence, value creation, prep for sale and everything in between. While there are plenty of […]

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Financial Planning and Analysis Resources in Healthcare Services Industry

Financial planning and analysis is an important tool for businesses in the complex industry of healthcare services. Companies increasingly outsource their financial modeling, particularly as they seek to elevate their financial analysis to meet post-M&A requirements. Leveraging the expertise of third-party specialists not only streamlines this transition but also injects a level of analytical rigor […]


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