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How BluWave facilitates due diligence for deal QBs

December 6, 2021

By: Delaney Walker

BluWave founder and CEO, Sean Mooney, recently shared his personal experiences as a private equity deal quarterback and how that led to him founding BluWave. Sean learned through his own experiences that due diligence for deal QBs is a flawed process. He found there are far too many generalist providers that don’t quite fit the bill for the specialized needs they are trying to solve. After spending far too much time during the vetting process, Sean realized there must be another way.

In this video, he highlights the difficulties he used to face in the due diligence process including:

  • The speed required to win deals as a private equity deal QB
  • Common struggles from his experience as a deal QB
  • The unique advantages BluWave offers

Sean references BluWave as the tool that could have helped him win as a deal QB. Now, BluWave helps over 550 of the top private equity firms in the world win every day, starting with the due diligence process. We facilitate due diligence for deal QBs by connecting them with the exact-fit, PE-grade resources they need exactly when they need them.

Do you share some of Sean’s frustrations with the diligence process? Contact us to get started.