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How BluWave helps PE shrink the world

August 25, 2021

By: Delaney Walker

This month, BluWave founder & CEO, Sean Mooney, had the opportunity to join Devin Matthews on ParkerGale’s Funcast podcast to discuss how BluWave helps PE shrink the world by connecting funds to the exact-fit resources they need when they need them. Sean and Devin discussed how BluWave was born out of a pain Sean experienced during his 20 years in private equity and is made to connect funds to the resources they need when they don’t know who to use or their go-to providers are sold out. They also went into detail on the types of service providers BluWave invites into their network: specialists, spin outs, and independents that have specific capabilities they have provided to past PE firms in niche industries.  

Other topics you can hear discussed in the podcast include how PE is evolving as well as how COVID has accelerated the digital transformation. 

Interested in listening to the whole podcast yourself? Click below.