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How does BluWave help with value creation for deal QBs?

December 6, 2021

By: Delaney Walker

As a private equity deal QB, BluWave founder & CEO, Sean Mooney, faced challenges in the value creation process. He felt as though he was consistently getting generalist results from generalist providers. He also faced the pressure of knowing that one wrong move could follow him around for the rest of his career in private equity. After dealing with these challenges and working his way up to be a Partner at a PE firm, Sean decided to create the solution to the problems he always had by founding BluWave. The solution he envisioned gave deal QBs the exact provider they need at the exact time they need them. Providers who have a specialty in specific areas will be connected with the private equity deal QBs as soon as the need arises. This gives success with ease for private equity deal QBs who are lacking value creation with their service providers. That is exactly what BluWave has become today.

BluWave helps with value creation for deal QBs by providing them with:

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