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As part of an ongoing series, we’re sharing real-time trending topics we are hearing from our 500+ PE firm clients. In our most recent installment, Jeremy Yoder, a BluWave Strategic Account Executive, shares how to action BI & Analytics experts, detailing the different use cases firms and other proactive companies have for bringing in data & analytics experts. Learn more by watching the video below.

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Video transcript:

In our increasingly digital world, business intelligence and analytics is a growing input factor for companies to measure their level of growth and for private equity firms to evaluate the success of their portcos. PE firms come to BluWave with needs for data and analytics specialists who can help drive effectiveness and efficiency within their portfolio companies. Here are just a few of the most common use cases we see for why a firm brings in data and analytics specialists.

Number one, developing more measurable metrics at the portco level. The first step to making data-driven decisions is having the right metrics and reporting measures in place. Many companies are lacking this when their first PE sponsor comes into the picture, so our clients equip their new portcos with specialists who can help companies build a solid metrics and reporting foundation. This gives the PE firm visibility into how their portcos are tracking against those set goals.

Number two, data diligence. For companies with large sets of data on products and customers like companies in the B2C sector, there is often hidden value hiding within these datasets if they aren’t being analyzed. When companies aren’t actioning the data available to them, leading PE firms bring in specialists to uncover what stones are being left unturned and help glean risks and actionable opportunities from the data that already exists.

Number three, cleaning and assessing data. The most forward-thinking PE firms are using specialists to clean and assess their portcos data so that they can improve the precision of their evaluations and more deeply inform the health of their organizations. We have a deep bench of business intelligence and analytics providers at the ready for a variety of niche needs. To get connected to the PE-grade,exact-fit provider you need, contact us at


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