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As part of an ongoing series, we’re sharing real-time trending topics we are hearing from our 500+ PE firm clients. In our most recent installment, Scott Bellinger, BluWave Consulting Manager, shares some of the top reasons our clients bring in merger integration groups and the benefits they gain from them. Learn more by watching the video below.

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Video transcript:

According to data from the BluWave Activity Index, third-party merger integration specialists are consistently one of the top 10 service providers that private equity firms look to for support. Add-on acquisitions are standard operating procedure in private equity, and leading firms rely on expert third parties to seamlessly execute any integration. Here are some of the top reasons PE firms bring in merger integration specialists and the benefits they see from engaging these groups.

When integrating two companies, the goal is always for 1+1 to be greater than 2, however, if not integrated properly, a new add-on investment can quickly go south.  PE firms who trust their integrations to expert third parties can guarantee that the integration will be executed properly, resulting in an outcome greater than 2. Additionally, by trusting their integrations to third parties, they are able to rest assured that their companies will be fully integrated – something that strategic buyers are looking for more often. Plus, if the integration is occurring in a founder-led business, a third-party expert is essential given that most founder-led businesses rarely have the talent in-house to effectively integrate both businesses.

The benefits of utilizing these experts go far beyond achieving an outcome greater than 2. For one, these groups can excellently integrate companies quickly – our pros can perform an integration from start to finish in as few as 120 days. Plus, some of our innovative groups can provide additional services complementary to strictly executing your merger integration, such as conducting a pre-merger synergy assessment to help you better understand potential cost-savings beforehand.

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