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As part of an ongoing series, we’re sharing real-time trending topics we are hearing from our 500+ PE firm clients. In our most recent installment, Private Equity Consultant, Ryan Perkins, shares why the inflation-driven recession has caused firms to prioritize bringing in organizational design & effectiveness resources, and what types of those resources are being utilized the most.

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Video transcript:

The inflation-driven economic downturn has created a complex environment, causing private equity firms to take unique action, balancing right-sizing before the storm with retaining and recruiting key personnel. With human capital being a strong input for ensuring success through this downturn, PE firms are bringing in specialized third-party resources to resolve organizational design and effectiveness needs. Here are a few specific resources that we’ve seen our clients engaging on.

Number one, Interim CHROs. Bringing in experienced interim CHROs with deep industry knowledge is a great way to ensure the human capital needs of your portcos are in steady, expert hands. An effective interim CHRO can steer the HR ship during a recession, ensuring your portco will have the right people in place to get through the downturn and position your portco for growth moving forward.

Number two, HR-focused consulting firms. Specialty firms are a great tool that private equity firms utilize to gain expertise on corporate structure and talent output, without adding personnel directly into a portco. Consulting firms that have experience working with private equity-backed companies can be extremely advantageous when making decisions around comp and benefits, staffing needs, restructuring projects, and expansion requirements during an economic slump.

And number three, organizational effectiveness consultants. Process optimization is essential to keeping up with the pace needed to thrive in times of uncertainty. Organizational effectiveness consultants ensure that processes within your portcos will help them run towards the storm by evaluating them as they currently exist, and suggest any required changes according to their industry expertise.

For private equity firms, uncertain economic times should be treated as times of opportunity. Ensuring the organizational design and effectiveness of your portfolio companies can be the difference between generating momentum versus treading water in a recession. At BluWave, we have the private equity-grade resources to position your portcos for growth, no matter the economic landscape. For information on how to get connected with best-in-class, organizational design and effectiveness groups, or any other third parties you may need, contact us today at





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