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As part of an ongoing series, we’re sharing real-time trending topics we are hearing from our 500+ PE firm clients. In our most recent installment, Keenan Kolinsky, BluWave Consulting Manager, shares some of the proactive due diligence practices we see PE firms take that separate the more innovative private equity firms from the others. Learn more by watching the video below.

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Video transcript:

Due diligence is a critical piece in the private equity deal cycle, and we equip hundreds of leading private equity firms with the right PE-grade diligence providers they need – and when they need them. Performing thousands of projects every year, we gain a unique perspective to some of the more proactive and innovative approaches to the diligence process, and I want to share two such approaches we’ve seen that are separating some of the more proactive private equity firms from the others.

Number one, using the right diligence providers for the right deals. Many private equity firms have a go-to list of commercial, IT, and operations diligence providers they leverage for nearly every deal. However, each deal’s different and may require a different slate of providers to get the most out of each unique diligence phase, or diligence stream, depending on a variety of factors such as the target’s industry, the deal size, target technology or operational nuances, timing, and more. Many of our proactive private equity clients realize these nuances, and we support them by connecting them with the diligence providers whose functional capabilities, expertise, and experience account for these factors – uniquely positioning them to deliver excellence on that deal. This allows private equity firms to gain better insights with more speed and certainty, which, in turn, optimizes the entire diligence process for the respective deal. In private equity, one size does not fit all.

Number two, expanding the functional breadth and depth of diligence. Times are changing, and it’s more important than ever to get diligence right and to gain the necessary actionable insights, not only to make a more informed investment decision, but also to begin equipping the value creation plan. Especially in today’s market, value creation doesn’t and can’t end with only commercial, technology, and operational levers.As such, many of our proactive private equity clients are institutionalizing increasingly common diligence streams such as HR, digital, data, and ESG diligence to inform both investment decisions and value creation plans. We continuously map the market for PE-grade diligence providers across various functional areas, industries, price points and more so that you don’t have to.

If you or your teams are using the same slate of diligence providers for every deal, it may be time for a refresh. As you start to consider your slate of diligence providers for your next deal, give us a shout at and let us connect you with the right diligence providers for the right deal.


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