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March 2021 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

April 1, 2021

By: Kyle Johnson

BluWave works with over 500 PE funds from around the globe, connecting them with pre-vetted, best-in-class, interim executives and small groups across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare and consumer goods, our clients are paving the way for “Industry 4.0.” In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news you can use.

Check out the latest, curated collection of reports, insights, and musings from a handful of our PE funds…


Demand is increasing for automation technology solutions in warehouses and distribution points. Baird lays out “a set of advanced, fully integrated solutions that deploy differentiated technology to support supply chain executives as they tackle these challenges.” These include warehouse management software, machine-to-machine technology, real-time tracking, robotics, and interoperability. Despite progress made in this area, “there is still much work to be done in the face of accelerating demand drivers.”



As the global economy recovers from the 2020 fluctuations, Heartwood Partners lays out key areas that they observed successfully generated value “within our investments in addition to the straightforward improvement of growing sales and profitability.” Among the list are: broadening or adding key functional management, reducing concentrations, enhancing throughput and capacity, improving customer service, upgrading IT systems, and developing succession plans.



“While you might think you’ve picked a great time to launch your fundraising, it’s not so easy to sync up your timing with prospective LPs’ forward calendars.” In this deeply retrospective blog post, partners at Parker Gale revisit their lessons learned from their experience raising their first fund. Plus, they share insight into landing and maintaining relationships with Limited Partners.



We can learn a lot by watching the failures and successes of some of the world’s most profitable companies. Netflix is one such example. In this case study analysis, TCV examines the journey of the company from its origination to its recapitalization to its current value. As TCV puts it, Netlix’s “drive to market leadership includes plot twists and cliffhangers as surprising as those in the company’s original films and TV shows.”