Operating Partners’ Forum: Leveraging AI for Data, Analytics

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How are private equity firms and their portfolio companies leveraging data and analytics to transform their business landscape? What are the emerging trends in AI and machine learning? These were the central themes June 13 in the latest BluWave-hosted PE Operating Partners’ Forum.

Our esteemed panelists, Tye Howell of Blue Point Capital Partners, Gregory Kegeles of Newlight Partners and Mark Steenhoek of The Stephens Group, LLC., joined our own Rena Frackt Zimmerman for this insightful event.

Here’s are some of the key takeaways.

Summary Takeaways

  • View data as the new oil, demanding the investment of money, skills and experience to extract value
  • Foster a culture of data usage and analytical rigor in portfolio companies
  • Invest in data and analytics both internally and at portfolio companies
  • Be a catalyst for change and push companies toward a more data-driven approach
  • Identify and leverage the right people to lead the data and analytics transformation journey
  • Understand and stay ahead of emerging trends in AI and machine learning, such as generative AI and conversational analytics

This event was conducted with the Chatham House Rule in place.

Harnessing the Power of Data and Analytics

The panelists shared insights on how data and analytics are transforming the private equity landscape. They emphasized the importance of evolving toward a data-driven culture to drive tangible results. They said it’s essential to be rigorous and proactive about this during both due diligence and value creation phases.

Fostering a culture of data usage in portfolio companies was also underscored, with a focus on the push-and-pull dynamics of growth equity. Firms are often seen as catalysts for change, nudging portfolio companies toward sophisticated reporting and analytics.

The Impact of People and Learning Curve

People are critical to this transformation journey, according to the panelists, particularly in managing the pace of technological advancements. Developing an effective learning curve, choosing the right leaders and even outsourcing certain operations are critical factors in successful data and analytics implementation.

Emerging Trends in AI and Machine Learning

The discussion later veered toward the exciting prospects of AI and machine learning in the private equity space. Generative AI, with its potential applications in quality assurance, marketing and customer support, was discussed. The panelists also expressed interest in the advancements in conversational analytics and low-code, generative support technologies.

When you’re ready to harness the power of data and analytics like the top PE firms, contact BluWave to set up a scoping call with our research and operations team. Whether navigating the complex landscape of data and analytics, managing your workforce or any other business building services, we have an exact-fit solution for you on standby.


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