BluWave Awards 2024: Top Private Equity Innovators

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We’re proud to announce the third annual Top Private Equity Innovators with the 2024 BluWave Awards*.

“We’re regularly asked by market leaders about the best practices that are being embraced by the most innovative private equity firms,” said BluWave founder and CEO Sean Mooney, talking about the impetus for creating the awards.

Learn more about the 2024 Private Equity Innovator of the Year, Access Holdings

Our objective, thorough process gathered feedback from the world of private equity as well as the top service providers that work with them on a daily basis.

With their help, we identified the top 2 percent of firms for their innovative practices based on four key criteria identified by our research and operations team, limited partners, investment bankers, industry thought leaders and service providers in the private equity ecosystem.

As part of its selection process, the selection committee evaluated more than 5,000 private equity firms and utilized more than 75 different factors, incorporating more than 400,000 data points to evaluate these four criteria.

Here’s a little more about each one.

Proactive Due Diligence Practices

Innovative PE firms look at prospective investments with an eye toward not only trusting and verifying, but also with a preemptive lens into informing future value creation opportunities.

Transformative Value Creation

Once PE firms make investments leading private equity firms partner with their portfolio company management teams to purposely create value that didn’t or couldn’t exist before.

Modern Private Equity Firm Operations

These PE leaders treat the business of private equity like a business. They strategically utilize best-in-class internal and external cross-functional resources to enable insightful opportunity assessments and unique levels of value creation.

Corporate Citizenship

Top PE firms know that corporate citizenship is not only good for the world, but also fundamentally improves returns.

Here’s where you can find all the 2024 Private Equity Awards winners, including Innovator of the Year, Access Holdings.

“We are excited to recognize this distinguished group of investors as the 2024 Top Private Equity Innovators,” Mooney said.

*BluWave, LP has not received investment capital from and holds no ownership interest in the PE firms evaluated or recognized under the PE Innovator awards program. BluWave received no compensation from any of the PE firms in connection with this awards program. However, BluWave may otherwise provide services to the PE firms and/or portfolio companies, but BluWave confirms that its assessment of the PE firms was independent of any such service arrangements. Top 2% in the PE industry is based on BluWave’s review of the more than 5,000 PE firms in the U.S. and Canada from which the 82 PE firms were selected as award recipients.


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