New Private Equity Podcast: ‘Best But Never Final’

For too long, the first word in private equity has been “private.” Douglas McCormick, Lloyd Metz and Sean Mooney are out to pull back the curtain and get real about private equity on the “Best But Never Final” podcast.

The program is designed to explore timely private equity topics and share seasoned perspectives on crucial areas of focus within the industry. Expect to gain valuable insights from McCormick, Metz and Mooney in this new podcast.

“Best But Never Final” is more than just a podcast – it’s a journey into the minds of private equity experts. Listeners will gain a deep understanding of how private equity professionals think and operate. For CEOs, the podcast is a guide on how to collaborate effectively with PE sponsors and leverage the private equity playbook to augment the value of their companies.

Check out the first episode here, which you can listen to on your favorite podcast platform.

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Meet the Hosts

Doug McCormick

Managing Partner and CIO at HCI Equity Partners

McCormick has nearly two decades of experience in the firm, specializing in creating significant value in lower-middle market companies.

Lloyd Metz

Managing Director at ICV Partners

Metz brings over twenty years of expertise in guiding companies at the lower end of the middle market to achieve their full potential.

Sean Mooney

Founder and CEO of BluWave

As a long-term private equity investor, Mooney has extensive experience as a deal team member and investment committee partner at a leading private equity firm.


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