September 2021 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

PE Firms

BluWave works with over 500 PE funds from around the globe, connecting them with pre-vetted, best-in-class, third-party service providers across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare and consumer goods, our clients are expert business builders. In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news you can use. 

Check out the latest, curated collection of reports, insights, and musings from a handful of our PE fund clients. 

In ParkerGale’s most recent episode of The Private Equity Funcast, Devin and Jim cover common questions Limited Partners ask that PE folks should always know off the top of your head. Some of the questions they dive into include what’s the story of each portco, what was the structure of the deal, and what are the metrics behind the fund’s internal business?

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This month marked 10 years since KKR first publicly released an ESG Report. In celebration of that milestone and the changes that have occurred in the ESG environment during that time, KKR published two reports this month: a report detailing ESG as it relates to their investment efforts, as well as their Global Impact Overview report which highlights ESG metrics for the portfolio companies in their Global Impact Fund. KKR aptly called out the importance ESG will continue playing in helping the financial community, “…work to achieve a more sustainable economy”.  

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CFOs are undoubtedly one of the most critical positions on executive teams and the importance of this role has only grown in today’s competitive landscape. By fostering a community of the CFOs across their portfolio, Heartwood Partners has been able to observe firsthand how modern CFOs, “…maximize their value-add…” to businesses.

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TCV reflects on Nerdy’s remarkable growth and innovation story now that it has become a publicly traded company. Started by a college student that saw an opportunity to disrupt the legacy tutoring market; it was hard work, a focus on high-revenue growth, and a mission to better match tutors and students given needs and expertise without worrying about geography that led the company to achieve such success. 

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