Interim CHRO Interview: Identifying the Right Fit

Demand for interim chief human resources officers in private equity continues to climb.

It’s no wonder: Human capital accounted for 41% of all private equity activity in 2022, a 5% increase compared year over year.

But how do you know which HR leader to hire?

Once you narrow your pool to the finalists, it all begins with the interview process.

You’ll want to ask about their work history, industry experience, people philosophy and more.

In this guide, we’re going to tell you what the interview should look like, and how to identify a winner to lead human resources on a temporary basis.

Save Time: Meet an Exact-Fit Interim CHRO from the BluWave Network

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Hire an Interim CHRO: Navigating Challenges, Creating Value

Interim chief human resources officers are becoming a more and more popular request in the world of private equity.

In fact, BluWave saw more than four times the number of interim CHRO projects in 2022 compared to 2021.

That’s no surprise, considering how effective an effective interim CHRO can be with crisis management, navigating mergers and acquisitions, setting up a human resources department from scratch and more.

“It’s a functional area that’s been historically overlooked,” BluWave Consulting Manager Keenan Kolinsky says. “Private equity hasn’t viewed it as a critical function to drive value historically. But like we’ve seen over the last two years private equity is increasingly viewing human capital and HR as a value-creation driver.”

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We’ll walk you through the benefits of an interim CHRO, what to look for when hiring and how to go through the entire process so you select the right one for your portfolio or private company.

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Private Equity Interim CHRO: What Are the Benefits?

An interim chief human resources officer can be a great asset to maximize a portco’s value.

They can help a business run more efficiently by evaluating existing HR processes and aligning them with business goals.

Whether going through an M&A, an internal crisis, a reorg or other situations that require a talent expert, here are some reasons private equity firms should consider temporary HR leaders.

Case Study: Interim CHRO Urgently Needed For Professional Services Portco

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