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What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

A technical recruiter is in charge of finding, interviewing and selecting qualified candidates for technical roles like software engineering, data analysis and technical writing. They seek candidates who have the necessary skills to fill specialized positions in information technology, data science and engineering.

Technical recruiters work for either a company’s human resources department or a technical recruiting agency to fill open positions within a technology-focused company. Oftentimes, an expert technical recruiter who has experience across your industry can be the best way to find an exact-fit candidate, and fast.

“Any specialized recruiter is going to have a better network. They’ll also have a much better idea of ‘what good looks like’ and can help a hiring team calibrate the applicant pool more reliably,” says Houston Slatton, BluWave’s head of technology.

The digital revolution has emphasized the necessity for specialized roles within organizations, bringing to the fore the importance of technical recruiters. They possess an intricate knowledge of the necessary skills and experiences required for these roles and are adept at identifying candidates that align seamlessly with the organization’s unique needs.

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Benefits of Technical Recruiters

These recruiters bring a nuanced understanding of the rapidly evolving tech industry and the dynamic skills it demands. This expertise allows them to source candidates who are a perfect fit for both the role and your organization’s culture.

Another substantial benefit of partnering with a technical recruiter is their extensive network within the tech industry. This serves as a rich reservoir for discovering both active and passive talent, often making the difference in finding the ideal candidate.

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Moreover, IT-focused recruiters can provide significant time and cost savings. The recruitment process, particularly for specialized roles, can be both time-consuming and expensive. By leveraging their experience, technical recruiters can speed up the hiring process, ensuring you secure the best candidate on the market.

“We used a recruiter to hire a data engineer, and that recruiter knows the products in our tech stack, so he can better vet the candidates before we talk to them,” Slatton says. “In addition, he knows what the job entails so he can better ascertain up front whether what’s in a resume will actually be a good fit for us because he’s spent so much time in the data space.”

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Technical Recruiter vs. Regular Recruiter: Differences

While both technical recruiters and regular recruiters play essential roles in the hiring process, their areas of focus differ significantly. A technical recruiter specializes in filling technical roles such as software development, product management and data science. They hold a comprehensive understanding of the tech industry, with responsibilities including interviewing and assessing candidates for specific technical proficiencies.

On the other hand, regular recruiters manage the hiring process for a variety of job roles not confined to the tech industry. They may work independently or as part of a company’s talent acquisition department, managing the complete recruitment process for various open roles across different industries.

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Securing the Right Technical Recruiter

Connecting with the ideal technical recruiter often involves multiple approaches. While you may consider seeking recommendations from trusted industry associates, performing online searches for technical recruiting firms, or even attending industry events to meet technical recruiters, these methods can be time-consuming, costly and don’t always yield the desired results.

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The most efficient and effective route is to collaborate with an outside resource that can connect you with a tailor-made third party. BluWave’s invite-only network exists for just that purpose.

We offer a bridge to industry-specific, expertly vetted tech recruiters who can guide your recruitment process. By working with our research and operations team, you can focus on running your business.


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