Seamless Integration for a PortCo’s First Add-On Acquisition

PE Firms
Due Diligence

Service Area: Merger Planning & Integration

Client Type: Lower-Middle Market Private Equity Firm

Service Provider Type: Integration Consultant

Industry: Professional Services

The Need
Navigating the First Steps of Expansion

A lower-middle market private equity firm’s portfolio company was poised for its first substantial add-on acquisition. The organization specialized in transaction-based due diligence support for law firms, encompassing vital tasks such as litigation summaries, background checks and certificates of good standing.

With a dedicated team of paralegals and a proprietary tech-enabled workflow tool, the company had carved a niche in the market. The impending integration of the add-on acquisition marked a pivotal step, though, demanding meticulous planning and expert execution.

The Challenge
Orchestrating Harmonious Integration

The challenge lay in orchestrating the integration of the add-on acquisition while ensuring minimal disruption to the existing operations. The portfolio company’s unique business model involved a distributed setup across multiple fulfillment offices nationwide. Siloed workflows and varying systems compounded the integration complexity. With aspirations to synchronize operations and create a standardized platform, the portfolio company sought an integration consultant to guide them through the process.

How BluWave Helped
Crafting a Blueprint for Seamless Integration

Collaborating closely with the portfolio company, the BluWave-selected service provider crafted a comprehensive integration strategy that aligned with the company’s growth objectives. The multifaceted approach encompassed:

Pre-Close Planning: The service provider defines integration objectives, assessed synergies and outlined the integration process.

Tech-Enabled Solutions: Given the nature of the portfolio company’s operations, the service provider recognized the potential for tech-enabled solutions. Robotic process automation (RPA) was explored to alleviate repetitive computer-based tasks and streamline workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing the burden on human resources.

Operational Harmonization: Finally, the service provider facilitated discussions and collaboration between headquarters and fulfillment offices, fostering a unified approach. The integration plan focused on gradually migrating offices onto a common system while preserving operational continuity.

The Result
Paving the Path to Scalable Growth

By providing a clear roadmap, harmonizing operations and leveraging tech-enabled solutions, the integration process yielded several outcomes:

Smooth Transition: The integration was executed with minimal disruption to ongoing operations, allowing the portfolio company to maintain service quality and customer satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency: The implementation of RPA reduced the burden of repetitive tasks, freeing resources to focus on value-added activities.

Scalability: The integrated platform laid the foundation for future acquisitions by creating a standardized framework and a playbook for successful integration.


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