Business Intelligence Automation: What is it?

Business intelligence continues to be among the most high-demand services in the Business Builders’ Network.

One aspect of BI&A that’s particularly popular is automation.

The founding partner of one of our BluWave service providers says BI automation is essential to modernizing data analysis.

“A lot of times the process involves people pulling data into spreadsheets manually, analyzing, cleaning, doing stuff with the data and then giving it to their bosses or whoever downstream needs them,” says the partner, who we’ll call Mike Datus. “That’s usually a very error-prone process because it’s done by humans.”

BI automation can change all that, and make life much easier for both the analysts as well as those downstream superiors.

Let’s talk in more detail about BI automation tools, their benefits as well as potential drawbacks.

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Table of Contents

I. What is Business Intelligence Automation?
II. Business Process Automation Benefits
III. Risks of Automation
IV. BI Automation Tools

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