Digital Marketing Demand Generation: Challenges, Solutions in Consumer Products Sector

Digital marketing isn’t just about being online anymore; it’s about making a significant impact where it matters.

At BluWave, we have seen firsthand the unique challenges businesses in the consumer products industry face. From navigating Amazon marketplace intricacies to tackling eCommerce optimization, the demands are as real as they are varied.

Let’s dive into these challenges and explore practical solutions.

eCommerce Ownership Transitions: Amazon Business Transfer

Transferring an Amazon business account is like passing a baton in a relay race; it needs precision. Timing is crucial, and there’s always a fear of dropping the goodwill you’ve built up. When it comes to asset vs stock deals, each has its pros and cons.

An asset deal can be cleaner, transferring only what you need. A stock deal, however, might maintain the business’s continuity better. The key is to understand your priorities and choose accordingly.

Unauthorized Reselling and Price Disputes

Picture this: an unauthorized reseller undercuts your listing, and now Amazon is knocking on your door to lower your prices. It’s a frustrating domino effect.

The solution isn’t straightforward but starts with strong policies and enforcement. Knowledgeable experts in this field can guide you in setting up these safeguards, ensuring your pricing strategy stays intact across platforms.

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Shopify and Beyond: Optimizing eCommerce Platforms

A Shopify site not meeting expectations is a common tale. The gap often lies in specialized skills, or the lack thereof. eCommerce optimization isn’t just about a pretty storefront; it’s about driving traffic and conversions through targeted search engine and social media strategies.

Bringing in a fractional eCommerce manager could be your game-changer, offering the expertise needed to optimize your site and expand your presence on other marketplaces.

Amazon for Global Expansion: A Focused Approach

Expanding globally through Amazon is like finding a new world of opportunities. But it’s not just about being there; it’s about making a mark. Balancing SEO efforts with advertising strategies is key.

Unlike generalist approaches, a focused expertise on Amazon can navigate the nuances of global expansion, optimizing your time and effort for maximum sales impact.

Brand Awareness and Retention: Creating the Flywheel Effect

High retention but low awareness – this scenario is more common than you think. The trick is in flipping this to your advantage. Improving awareness can kickstart a “flywheel effect,” leveraging your strong retention rates.

The right strategies in place, matched with periodic, economical tracking, can turn this potential into a revenue-generating reality.

Evaluating Digital Marketing Tactics: Beyond the Basics

eCommerce exposure is half the battle; the other half is understanding your digital marketing tactics. Are you making the most of your SEO? How effective are your PPC campaigns? Understanding these aspects is crucial in converting visitors into loyal customers.

External experts can offer fresh perspectives, assessing your current strategies and pinpointing areas for improvement.

Digital marketing in the consumer products industry is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. It’s a complex puzzle that requires understanding, skill, and sometimes, a helping hand.

At BluWave, we specialize in connecting businesses with the resources they need to tackle these challenges head-on. Whether it’s transferring an Amazon business, managing online marketplaces or optimizing eCommerce strategies, we’re here to ensure your digital marketing efforts are as effective and impactful as possible.

Set up a scoping call with our research and operations team, and they’ll provide a short-list of PE-grade, exact-fit options in less than a business day.

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