June 2022 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

BluWave works with over 500 PE firms from around the globe as well as their portfolio companies and proactive independent companies, connecting them with BluWave-vetted, best-in-class, third-party service providers across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare, consumer goods, and beyond, our clients are expert business builders. In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news and insights you can use.

Check out the latest, curated collection of our clients’ musings on creating value with digital transformation, boosting operating speeds, software delivery competence, and more.  

A letter of intent can vary widely from style to specificity, depending on the buyer’s style. In most cases, the buyer and seller agree that an LOI should not be exhaustive, but there are key pieces it should cover. Montage Partners outlines the five topics for your consideration that they deem essential in an LOI in order to head-off potential future problems.

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The “Playing to Win” framework” allows organizations to have a faster and lighter strategy design process, leverage the integrated choice-making throughout any strategic challenge they face, and significantly boost operating speed by having a clear perspective for decision-making. Insight Partners’ Operating Partner Pablo Dominguez and GTM Strategy Advisor Matt May dive into the five questions associated with this framework and how business leaders can use them to cultivate success.

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ParkerGale’s Partner Jim Milberry is joined by Mangoteque Founder and Principal, Dave Mangot to discuss all things DevOps. Having helped many distinguished organizations become “best in class” through his philosophy of “Getting Good at Delivering Software”, Mangot’s conversation will Milberry breaks down the four keys that define a company’s competence in software delivery.

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An MIT Senior Research Scientist joins the 2022 Macquarie Technology Summit to discuss the role of digital transformation in creating value and improving bottom-line performance, how leadership plays a pivotal role in successful digital transformation, how to think about digital solutions first, and more.

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Strattam Capital Co-Founder and Managing Partner Bob Morse shares his experience with “First Board Meeting Surprises”, when founders & CEOs are often surprised by actions the investment team outlines in their first board meeting post-close. Morse outlines his transparent approach to these meetings known as the Five-Point Plan that he has found successfully avoids shocking surprises and actually gets the founders & CEOs excited about the post-close action plan.

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Here’s what some of our clients had to say last month about digital transformation, PE management, human capital, and more.