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Hiring Board Members for a Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing companies recognize the value of board members who bring not just oversight but also strategic guidance to complex challenges. In this post, we’ll discuss the critical aspects of board advisory roles, drawing insights from recent BluWave client experiences across different use cases within the industry. We have seen how board members transcend traditional oversight […]

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New Private Equity Podcast: ‘Best But Never Final’

For too long, the first word in private equity has been “private.” Douglas McCormick, Lloyd Metz and Sean Mooney are out to pull back the curtain and get real about private equity on the “Best But Never Final” podcast. The program is designed to explore timely private equity topics and share seasoned perspectives on crucial […]

Demand-Gen Resources for Tech-Software Companies

The tech-software industry is undergoing a transformative phase, marked by rapid innovation and fierce competition. Companies are not only challenged to continuously advance their technology but also to revolutionize their approach to market presence and customer engagement. Central to this revolution is a strategic focus on digital marketing demand generation. Software companies leverage in-depth market […]

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Manufacturing Industry Growth Strategies for PE Firms, Portcos, Independent Companies

The manufacturing industry is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Today’s manufacturers are grappling with challenges that push them to rethink their growth strategies. This evolution is not just about adopting new technologies; it’s about reshaping the very foundations of how these companies operate and compete. Central to this transformation is a renewed focus on the […]

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Senior Advisors: How They Help in Healthcare Services Sector

Senior advisors are a valuable resource to healthcare services companies. This sector, characterized by its rapid advancements and regulatory intricacies, demands a level of expertise and insight that only experienced professionals can provide. Understanding regulatory compliance and evolving market trends requires not just knowledge, but a depth of specialized experience that shapes effective strategy and […]

Digital Marketing Demand Generation: Challenges, Solutions in Consumer Products Sector

Digital marketing isn’t just about being online anymore; it’s about making a significant impact where it matters. At BluWave, we have seen firsthand the unique challenges businesses in the consumer products industry face. From navigating Amazon marketplace intricacies to tackling eCommerce optimization, the demands are as real as they are varied. Let’s dive into these […]

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Operational Due Diligence: Essential Checklist for Manufacturing Industry

Operations diligence is a critical component of the acquisition process for private equity firms. Especially in the manufacturing sector. BluWave works with PE firms regularly to connect them with industry-specific resources to analyze their portfolio company targets. The following operations diligence checklist for the manufacturing industry is based on the myriad conversations we have had […]

Procurement, Sourcing Resources for Manufacturing Industry

Procurement and sourcing are critical components of manufacturing operations, directly influencing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Fleet diligence, distribution assessment and supply chain management are among the more popular use cases BluWave sees. We frequently field procurement and sourcing project requests from the manufacturing industry, giving us a deep understanding of the service providers that are best-suited […]

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IT Due Diligence: Technology, Software Industry

When a private equity firm is evaluating an acquisition target, they perform thorough due diligence before making any decisions. One part of the due diligence process that tends to come later in the process is information technology (IT) due diligence. While important in any industry, this practice is particularly apropos for companies in the technology […]

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Portcos Show Outsize Growth Among Inc. 5000 Awardees

Private Equity and the American Economy The private equity industry has been a vital component of the American economy for years. PE firms invest in companies to improve their businesses and increase their value. BluWave, the Business Builders’ Network serving the world’s most proactive business builders, analyzed the 2023 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing […]

Portco Collaboration Significantly Boosts Project Success Rates

An analysis of BluWave’s propriety data reveals that having a portfolio company stakeholder present during the project scoping and service provider-selection process meaningfully increases the likelihood of a private equity firm’s project moving forward. It also improves overall satisfaction with outcomes. More Likely To Proceed BluWave’s analysis of more than 1,500 private equity firm projects […]

Making Life Easy for Human Capital Leaders

BluWave understands the urgency and sensitivity around the work human capital executives perform. That’s why we provide a curated suite of resources specifically designed for HR leaders to drive unprecedented value in their organizations. CASE STUDY: Diversifying Talent in a Digital-First Consumer Products Startup Our Business Builders’ Network not only understands your unique challenges but […]

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