Human Capital Forum Recap | August 2022

Every quarter we bring together top PE human capital and talent executives to discuss current industry topics and to offer talent leaders in private equity the chance to discuss critical topics of the day. The PE human capital role is rapidly evolving as the private equity industry increasingly invests time and cash flows into human resources.

The BluWave Human Capital Forums follow Chatham House Rule, so our takeaways herein are kept at a high level. Are you in private equity and interested learning the details by joining fellow leading PE professionals during our next Human Capital Forum?  RSVP for our next event on November 2nd.

In our most recent Forum, we discussed many topics including:

  • The private equity industry is seeing the ongoing downturn as a unique talent hiring opportunity.
  • Human capital leaders are working closely with their portfolio company leaders to accumulate best practices and share them across their portfolio for the good of all.
  • The private equity industry is actively polling its portfolio companies to understand the voice of their employees and improve engagement and retention.
  • Human capital leaders are spending significant time bringing additional skills and talent to new portfolio companies and supporting the development of their teams.
  • The PE industry is using data and objective assessment tools to improve portfolio company performance.
  • In the days ahead, human capital leaders are looking to spend more time enhancing culture, supporting leadership development, and sharing best practices during rapidly changing times.

We thoroughly enjoyed these thought-provoking conversations that occurred during this recent gathering of PE human capital professionals. If we can be of assistance, please let us know.

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