August 2022 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

BluWave works with over 500 PE firms from around the globe as well as thousands of their portfolio companies and other proactive independent companies, connecting them with BluWave-vetted, best-in-class, third-party service providers across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare, consumer goods, and beyond, our clients are expert business builders. In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news and insights you can use.

Check out the latest, curated collection of our clients’ musings on value creation through human capital, continued recessionary pressures, DEI, digital marketing, and more.

ParkerGale Operating Team Partner Jimmy Holloran is joined by David Cohen, human capital partner at Kelso and Company. They discuss the various ways that human capital can impact a firm’s portfolio, the biggest value creators during the hold period, how human capital leaders can and should be thought partners, and more.

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SMB founder-owned businesses often don’t have a deep pool of resources like PE-backed companies, but this doesn’t mean they can’t take a page out of the PE playbook during this contracting economy. Heartwood Partners outlines some economic indicators available to businesses, where owners can strengthen their organization during these uncertain times, cost management strategies, and opportunities to revisit a company’s financing ahead of the projected, much stronger economy.

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Insight Partners’ Senior Director Portia Raphael and VP Rachel Bonds explain five key actions that all leaders, not just the human capital function, should consider with the increased attention to DE&I in the workplace. They emphasize that this will be a long-term, dedicated effort that will require thoughtful leadership, purposeful recruiting, inclusive policies, and more, so that people of all backgrounds can thrive.

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Livingbridge investment team members Vernan Richards and Dave Kirby review why marketing as a business function has significantly changed over the past decade, in both B2B and B2C. Since traditional B2B marketing strategies that require face-to-face touchpoints were no longer an option during COVID, digital processes and lead generation were launched or accelerated. This has yielded very strong returns, and Richards and Kirby look at this evolving and aggressive sector.

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KKR Partner Henry H. McVey and Managing Director Aidan Corcoran examine their inflation expectations, inflation volatility, current growth industries like healthcare, and mega themes such as digitalization, cybersecurity, and Europe’s energy crisis. While trimming their growth forecasts, they analyze how many European companies are “enduring the storm” much better than anticipated, a common outcome for the private equity industry during economic downturns. 

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Read what some of our clients had to say last month on turning current market conditions and macroeconomic challenges into opportunity, human capital due diligence, and more.