PE VP Forum Recap | September 2022

Every quarter we gather Vice Presidents in PE to discuss current industry topics and to offer these peers the chance to gather, share information, and decompress with one another. In our most recent event, we discussed how VPs are putting plans and resources in place in the face of a recession as well as how different firms are recruiting and optimizing associate talent.

These forums are invite-only and follow Chatham House Rules, so listed below are high-level takeaways only. If you are a private equity vice president and interested in joining fellow PE VPs during our next forum, you can register here.

Putting plans and resources in place in the face of a recession:

  • PE firms are looking inward at their portfolio to put together concrete gameplans that will help their portfolio companies not only survive but thrive as conditions change.
  • Gameplans vary depending on portco sectors and the stage of the hold period, but firms are ultimately looking for quick wins on their value creation roadmap.
  • PE firms are making strategic planning a priority with portcos.
  • Getting the right people in place remains a top priority. BluWave has seen this firsthand through clients’ increased need for organizational effectiveness groups & interim CFOs.
  • Add-ons are top of mind for PE firms, and they are staying prepared to pursue them if/when the opportunities arise.

Recruiting and optimizing associate talent:

  • Tight labor markets have made hiring PE associates difficult, so firms are shifting tactics to competitively recruit talent and implement training programs that will help them quickly become contributing investment professionals.
  • PE firms are starting to travel to meet candidates in their respective cities vs. relying on candidates to come to them.
  • PE firms are looking for innovative ways to accelerate and streamline the hiring cycle.
  • Some PE firms are experimenting with tapping non-traditional candidates outside of investment banking.

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to gather with PE VPs to discuss these current industry hot topics. We’d be happy to connect you to the PE-grade, exact-fit, third-party resources you need to assist you in this pressurized market, just contact us here.

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