The Power of AI and Data Analytics in IT Due Diligence

In today’s interconnected business landscape, a company’s value and performance are largely influenced by its technological prowess.

That’s why IT due diligence is an essential component of any business transaction. IT due diligence is a key aspect of mergers and acquisitions, focusing on a comprehensive review of a company’s IT infrastructure, software, data management and cybersecurity measures.

This assessment identifies potential risks and opportunities, offering vital insights into compatibility and potential integration issues that may arise during an M&A transaction.

The Role of AI and Data Analytics in IT Due Diligence

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data analytics has ushered in a new era of possibilities for IT due diligence. The capability to process large volumes of data, identify patterns, and make accurate predictions has revolutionized the traditional due diligence process, providing a more robust view of the target company’s IT landscape. These advanced technologies can illuminate potential IT risks, uncover hidden synergies and even predict the future performance and needs of the IT landscape.

The Value Proposition of AI and Data Analytics in IT Due Diligence

Incorporating AI and data analytics into the IT due diligence process offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Efficiency: AI’s capacity for rapidly processing and analyzing large data sets drastically reduces the duration of the due diligence process.
  • Accuracy: AI algorithms minimize the risk of human error, thus ensuring a more accurate analysis.
  • Predictive Power: AI’s ability to identify trends and predict future performance offers valuable foresight.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By automating routine tasks, AI can result in significant time and cost savings.

Implementation of AI and Data Analytics in IT Due Diligence

The application of AI and data analytics in IT due diligence involves a step-by-step process:

  • Data Collection and Preparation: Comprehensive data on the target company’s IT assets and operations are gathered and meticulously cleaned and prepared.
  • Selection of AI and Data Analytical Tools: Appropriate AI and data analytics tools are chosen based on the unique needs of the due diligence process.
  • Analysis and Insight Extraction: This stage focuses on deriving meaningful insights that can guide the M&A decision-making process.
  • Reporting and Decision Making: The final stage involves presenting the findings in a comprehensible format, which can inform strategic decisions about the transaction.

Challenges and Risks in AI and Data Analytics for IT Due Diligence

While AI and data analytics offer significant benefits, their implementation isn’t without challenges:

  • Data Privacy and Security: Compliance with data privacy and security regulations is paramount during the due diligence process. It’s crucial to meet the standards set by regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Algorithm Bias: Algorithms can inadvertently perpetuate existing biases. Therefore, transparency and fairness in AI application must be ensured to avoid skewed analysis results.
  • Data Quality and Completeness: The quality and completeness of the data can significantly impact the success of AI and data analytics in IT due diligence. Poorly maintained or incomplete data can lead to misleading insights and flawed decision.

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The Future of AI and Data Analytics in IT Due Diligence

Looking ahead, the role of AI and data analytics in IT due diligence is set to grow:

  • Continuous Improvement in AI Technology: As AI technology evolves, we can anticipate more sophisticated tools offering deeper insights and greater accuracy, revolutionizing the M&A landscape.
  • Increasing Importance of Cybersecurity Assessment: As cyber threats proliferate, assessing a company’s cybersecurity practices is becoming increasingly crucial. AI can facilitate thorough cybersecurity risk assessment, adding an additional layer of protection during M&A transactions.
  • Real-Time Analysis and Predictive Modeling: AI advances could enable real-time analysis during IT due diligence, offering immediate insights. Improved predictive modeling capabilities could also facilitate forecasting of future IT needs, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the target company’s potential.

To optimize the benefits of AI and data analytics in IT due diligence, organizations should consider developing internal capabilities or collaborating with external experts. With its expertise in connecting organizations with the right service providers, BluWave can be an invaluable partner in this journey. Whether you need assistance in selecting appropriate AI models, interpreting complex results, or mitigating potential risks, BluWave can guide you through the due diligence process, helping ensure successful M&A transactions.

Ready to enhance your IT due diligence process with AI and data analytics? Contact BluWave’s team today, and let us connect you to the perfect resource for your needs.

Marketing Due Diligence: Comprehensive Checklist

Marketing due diligence is the thorough analysis and evaluation of a company’s marketing strategy, with the goal of identifying strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Conducting proper marketing due diligence can be the tipping point toward increased profits.

Digital marketing due diligence, an integral component, focuses on the company’s online presence and digital strategy. Expert outside help that intimately knows your industry can streamline this process.

Let’s talk about the different aspects marketing due diligence and why a BluWave-grade third party might be just the resource you need.

Conducting Marketing Due Diligence – Best Practices

Marketing due diligence is intertwined with your organization’s business plan, strategy and understanding of competitors and customers. It provides a foundation to determine if you could sell more to the same customers, use different channels or adjust your product messaging. Each component of the due diligence process provides insights that can optimize your business and accelerate growth.

Assessing the Business Plan and Strategy

Reviewing your business plan is a crucial part of marketing due diligence. It allows you to determine if your goals, targets and outlined strategies are still feasible and aligned with your overall marketing plans. Consideration of future marketing trends, innovation potential, scalability and adaptability to change should be central to this assessment.

It’s also important to stay vigilant about the legal side – industry-specific regulations and data protection and privacy laws can significantly impact an organization’s marketing efforts.

Assessing the Marketing Strategy

The digital marketing strategy is a key component of the main marketing strategy. Implementing digital marketing best practices such as maintaining a relevant social media presence, optimizing SEO performance and improving website usability and CTR is table stakes.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that good results from marketing campaigns don’t necessarily equate to profits. Focus on strategic goals like sales, profitability and customer acquisition. Understanding your target market and audience is key in this regard.

Analyzing the Competition

Competitor analysis is vital to understand how your organization performs relative to others. Identifying competitors’ marketing strategies, competitive differentiators and budgets can provide valuable insights. Uncovering their unique selling propositions (USPs) and identifying the advantage your company has can enhance your competitive edge.

Analyzing the Customers

Understanding your customers’ perspective can provide valuable insights into your marketing strategy. Identifying who your customers are, what values are important to them and what they want to see can provide valuable insights. It’s also beneficial to find out why customers like your company and what could potentially sway them toward a competitor.

Marketing Due Diligence Checklist

The process of marketing due diligence can be complex and extensive. Following a structured checklist can help ensure that all key aspects are covered.

Business Plan and Strategy Checklist

When assessing your business plan, consider the following questions:

  • What does the business plan look like?
  • Does the company have a clear plan for profits?
  • What are the competitive advantages?
  • How many goals does the company have? Are they realistic, well-defined and quantifiable?
  • Did you review data protection and privacy policies? Are there any industry-specific regulations to keep in mind?
  • Did you outline any future marketing trends, innovation potential, scalability or adaptability to change?

Marketing Strategy Checklist

For your marketing strategy, consider the following:

  • Does the company have a niche within the industry? Is it sustainable?
  • What is the company’s message? Is it clear within the market?
  • Is the brand recognizable?
  • What are the active channels? Could they be changed or expanded?
  • What marketing tools are being used?
  • How are you measuring results? What KPIs are you using?

Competitive Landscape Checklist

To fully understand your competitive landscape, consider the following questions:

  • What’s the overall company positioning in relation to its competitors?
  • What are the marketing dynamics?
  • How do company sales compare to competitors?
  • What is competitor pricing?
  • What are the main economic, competitive or regulatory risks?

Pricing and Margins Checklist

Pricing can significantly influence consumers’ decision-making processes. The point is not just to be cheap, but well-calculated. Consider these questions:

  • What does the price sensitivity analysis look like?
  • What’s the company’s pricing strategy (target pricing, margin pricing, etc.)?
  • Is the pricing structure sustainable? What could impact the pricing in the future? (e.g. rising electricity costs, raw materials costs, etc.)

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Customer Checklist

Understanding your customers can give valuable insights. Ask these questions:

  • What does the customer analysis look like? What trends did you identify?
  • Is it possible to interview clients and build case studies?
  • Is there a potential for cross-selling?
  • Could the positioning be improved?
  • Can you measure the loyalty of your customer base?

Mastering marketing due diligence can be an intricate process. Fortunately, there’s a deep bench of niche-specific service providers on standby to help.

BluWave’s research and operations team can connect you with an exact-fit service provider to help you navigate your marketing due diligence. Take the first step toward optimizing your strategy by contacting BluWave.

In the Know: Proactive Due Diligence Practices

As part of an ongoing series, we’re sharing real-time trending topics we are hearing from our 500+ PE firm clients. In our most recent installment, Keenan Kolinsky, BluWave Consulting Manager, shares some of the proactive due diligence practices we see PE firms take that separate the more innovative private equity firms from the others. Learn more by watching the video below.

Interested in connecting with PE-grade specialized due diligence providers for your next need? Contact us here to quickly get connected to the ones you need.

Video transcript:

Due diligence is a critical piece in the private equity deal cycle, and we equip more than 500 leading private equity firms with the right PE-grade diligence providers they need – and when they need them. Performing thousands of projects every year, we gain a unique perspective to some of the more proactive and innovative approaches to the diligence process, and I want to share two such approaches we’ve seen that are separating some of the more proactive private equity firms from the others.

Number one, using the right diligence providers for the right deals. Many private equity firms have a go-to list of commercial, IT, and operations diligence providers they leverage for nearly every deal. However, each deal’s different and may require a different slate of providers to get the most out of each unique diligence phase, or diligence stream, depending on a variety of factors such as the target’s industry, the deal size, target technology or operational nuances, timing, and more. Many of our proactive private equity clients realize these nuances, and we support them by connecting them with the diligence providers whose functional capabilities, expertise, and experience account for these factors – uniquely positioning them to deliver excellence on that deal. This allows private equity firms to gain better insights with more speed and certainty, which, in turn, optimizes the entire diligence process for the respective deal. In private equity, one size does not fit all.

Number two, expanding the functional breadth and depth of diligence. Times are changing, and it’s more important than ever to get diligence right and to gain the necessary actionable insights, not only to make a more informed investment decision, but also to begin equipping the value creation plan. Especially in today’s market, value creation doesn’t and can’t end with only commercial, technology, and operational levers.As such, many of our proactive private equity clients are institutionalizing increasingly common diligence streams such as HR, digital, data, and ESG diligence to inform both investment decisions and value creation plans. We continuously map the market for PE-grade diligence providers across various functional areas, industries, price points and more so that you don’t have to.

If you or your teams are using the same slate of diligence providers for every deal, it may be time for a refresh. As you start to consider your slate of diligence providers for your next deal, give us a shout at and let us connect you with the right diligence providers for the right deal.

In the Know: Due Diligence for Better Deals

As part of an ongoing series, we’re sharing real-time trending topics we are hearing from our 500+ PE firm clients in our “In the Know” series. In our most recent installment, Consulting Manager, Scott Bellinger, covers due diligence for better deals – sharing the top due diligence resources we equip clients with and why firms come to us with their needs.

Learn more about how we equip PE firms with the exact-fit commercial due diligenceIT diligence, and operational diligence providers they need exactly when they need them.

Interested in learning more about how we can support your diligence needs? Learn more in our Due Diligence hub.


Video transcript:

In the past few weeks, The BluWave Activity Index has shown that due diligence activity is picking up as we quickly approach Q4. Heightened deal activity means that it’s more vital than ever to ensure you’re utilizing diligence providers that can equip you with the unique insights you need to inform a wise investment decision. We quickly connect PE firms to specialized diligence providers that they need so that they don’t have to waste time vetting providers by availability, budget, and industry expertise. Here are some of the top diligence resources we are connecting our PE firm clients with.

First, commercial due diligence. Commercial diligence has become standard operating procedure for all of private equity, not just the large cap firms. With deal stakes high, investing in commercial due diligence upfront is vital. To maximize the output of commercial due diligence efforts. We connect firms with specialized providers by industry who already know the market. This allows them to dig in deeper, faster, and equip them with market and company insights generalist providers are not capable of.

Next is IT due diligence. Nowadays, every business has cybersecurity concerns. An unknown, as well as unaddressed cyber risk, can wreak havoc on an investment down the road. Proactive PE firms of all sizes are choosing to invest in IT due diligence efforts upfront so that they can preemptively address problems and challenges that could occur in the future. As the technology landscape constantly changes, so do the diligence providers in the space. In order to combat this for our clients, BluWave continuously maps the market in order to always be on the forefront of knowing what providers are best suited for what PE firms need at any given time.

And finally, operational diligence. Gone are the days where small process improvements in a portfolio company led to high returns. Now it is all about transformation. Ops due diligence providers go into a target company during the LOI phase to review their processes and begin identifying opportunities for growth so that you can hit the ground running on a well-developed value creation plan immediately post-close. We connect our clients with industry-specific providers they need so that they can gain the nuanced insight that can transform a company only industry veterans would glean. At BluWave, we are here to connect you with exact-fit, PE-grade diligence resources you need at the exact time you need them. If we can provide you with the resources you need to bolster your due diligence process, or if we can support any other third-party needs that you may have. Contact us at




September 2022 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

BluWave works with over 500 PE firms from around the globe as well as their portfolio companies and proactive independent companies, connecting them with BluWave-vetted, best-in-class, third-party service providers across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare, consumer goods, and beyond, our clients are expert business builders. In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news and insights you can use.

Check out the latest, curated collection of our client’s musings on employee-based ownership, developing ICPs, creating an employer brand, and more. 

KKR: Employee Ownership

Seeing success after implementing broad-based employee ownership programs in several portfolio companies, Pete Stavros, Co-Head of Americas Private Equity at KKR, shares his insights on the benefits of employee ownership.


ParkerGale: Developing ICPs

ParkerGale operating partners Cici Zhang and Paul Stansik speak on the importance of defining an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and discuss their steps to building out an ICP.

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Insight Partners: Building an Employer Brand

With an increasing emphasis on talent and a push towards putting employees first, it is critical for employers to proactively work to attract and retain top talent. Insight Partner’s Talent COE, Hattie Young, identifies a 4-step process for building a compelling employer brand to attract the best talent.


Montage Partners: Questions Sellers Should Ask

The diligence process should be a two-way street. Montage Partners highlights diligence on the sell side and provides questions sellers should be asking potential buyers.


Blackstone: Dealing with a Tough Market

With recession risks in the US and global economy, Joe Zidle of Blackstone gives his insights to dealing with a tough market, speaking to inflation, a strengthening labor market, and shifting consumer demand.



Read what some of our clients had to say last month on value creation through human capital, continued recessionary pressures, DEI, digital marketing, and more.

March 2022 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

BluWave works with over 500 PE funds from around the globe as well as their portfolio companies and proactive independent companies, connecting them with pre-vetted, best-in-class, third-party service providers across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare, consumer goods, and beyond, our clients are expert business builders. In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news and insights you can use.

Check out the latest, curated collection of reports, insights, and musings from a handful of our PE fund clients on everything from ESG to cybersecurity, and inflation to sales.

Advent’s Managing Director, Tricia Glynn, talks with the chair of Goldman Sachs’ Investment Banking division about a wide array of topics including investing through an ESG lens; trends in the retail, consumer, and leisure sector; and her economic outlook for 2022.

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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many businesses’ plans to move more and more digital. With this change comes an increased risk in terms of cybersecurity. With a cyberattack estimated to occur every 39 seconds, Blackstone shares insight into how their portco Vectra has developed an innovative solution to this problem.

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Scot Duncan, MiddleGround co-founding partner, speaks on a panel covering sustainable profitability in manufacturing companies. He shares ways MiddleGround’s portfolio companies are increasing revenue amidst an environment of supply chain challenges and labor shortages.

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ParkerGale’s Paul Stansik is joined by two guests to talk about prospecting and how to get growth right. They share their varying opinions on how to prospect well, the evolving role of the BDR/SDR, and more.

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If you are in need of resources that can help you with ESG, cybersecurity, pricing woes, or sales & marketing, we can quickly connect you to the PE-grade, pre-vetted, exact-fit ones you need. Give us a shout.

Read what some of our clients had to say last month.

Why Specialized Commercial Due Diligence is Vital for PE Funds

2021 was a record-breaking year for private equity, with total deal value reaching $1.2 trillion according to Pitchbook, and it isn’t expected to slow down in 2022. With record amounts of dry powder in the market ($1.32 trillion as of September 2021), S&P Global states that the demand for deals is driving valuations up. Between the pressure to find the right deals in a market that is flooded with opportunity, and the high prices that have to be paid in order to win a deal, commercial due diligence is more important than ever in order to ensure funds are being spent wisely. 

A process that was once reserved for large cap funds with extra capital to spend on assessing a company’s potential end market in order to determine the soundness of the investment, commercial due diligence is quickly becoming a necessary standard operating procedure for all proactive PE funds. With this evolution of who is utilizing commercial due diligence comes the evolution of how it’s performed– no longer is it an activity reserved for generalist consulting firms. Private equity firms have discovered that in order to drive alpha in a sea of beta, smaller, more specialized commercial due diligence providers can provide them with more unique insights quicker. 

Going Deeper Faster 

Any consultant can accomplish commercial due diligence’s goal of providing intelligence on a target’s total addressable market, prospects for growth, competitors, risks, and other vital information through initial industry research. But specialized consultants with pre-existing industry knowledge don’t have to waste their time scratching the surface trying to gain a sense for the industry. Instead, they can provide a heightened sense of value by using their base knowledge to dig deeper and therefore provide more in-depth insights in the same amount of time.

This is why it’s no surprise that over the past 3 years, commercial due diligence has remained the #1 Use Case in the BluWave Due Diligence Index. Firms have recognized the long-term value that lies in going outside of their normal providers to work with small shops and independent consultants that can provide deeper insights faster.  

Providing a Head Start for Value Creation

Commercial due diligence isn’t just a process that helps PE funds make wise investments – it establishes a foundation for future growth. The average holding period for PE assets is five years, which is a sound reminder that funds are often interested in forging long-term relationships with the companies in their portfolio. This is why it’s essential for the commercial due diligence process to be more than a routine vetting exercise and a perfunctory look at a company’s market. It should help funds explore opportunities for growth and methods of adding value that can turn a company into something its leaders never imagined. 

By providing deeper insights into the nuances of an industry and having experience within it, specialized commercial due diligence providers are uniquely equipped to identify various opportunities for a target’s growth. With multiples at a historic high, this head start on value creation initiatives ensures your team will be able to hit the ground running and provide quick returns on the investments. 

Ensuring Available Capacity

In a market flush with M&A activity, we experienced deal surges in 2021 that led to provider scarcity, especially within the larger go-to commercial due diligence providers. A benefit of specialized commercial due diligence providers during these times is their more available bandwidth. Because they aren’t being run to with projects across 8 different industries, they have the capacity to take on the projects that fall directly within their sweet spot. Even when service provider constraints have strapped the market, BluWave has maintained a 100% fill rate with commercial due diligence requests. 

Over the past year, we have seen many firms that have resorted to a smaller, more specialized provider in times of scarcity permanently switch their processes going forward to always using a specialized provider due to the valuable insights they gained. In times where other PE firms are struggling to get the insights they need on the timeline they need, equipping yourself with unique insights quickly will provide you with competitive edge. 


Interested in seeing how we’ve helped PE firms by connecting them to the specialized commercial due diligence providers they need? Check out these case studies: 


We’d be happy to get started on connecting you to the specialized commercial due diligence provider you need, just give us a shout or use the “Start a Project” button in the banner above. 

January 2022 Roundup: BluWave Client Insights

BluWave works with over 500 PE funds from around the globe as well as their portfolio companies and proactive independent companies, connecting them with pre-vetted, best-in-class, third-party service providers across a variety of resource and functional areas. From information technology and manufacturing to healthcare, consumer goods, and beyond, our clients are expert business builders. In other words, they have their heads in the game and their hands on the pulse of news and insights you can use.

Check out the latest, curated collection of reports, insights, and musings from a handful of our PE fund clients on everything from community building across your portfolio, expected surprises for 2022, operational due diligence, and go-to-market strategies.

On the latest episode of The Private Equity Funcast, Jim, Cici, and Jimmy discuss their approach to building community within their portfolio. They share what has worked and what hasn’t for them, why community building is beneficial, and how they’ve seen their efforts have a positive impact across the companies within their portfolio.

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Byron Wien and Joe Zidle share the unexpected, yet probable events that they think could shape the political, economic, and financial landscape in 2022. Some of the surprises they expect include persistent inflation becoming a dominant theme, group meetings and conventions returning to pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year, and ESG evolving beyond corporate policy statements including government-enforced regulatory standards.

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Susan Clark, Managing Director and Head of Technology Value Creation at Sun Capital, joins several other private equity leaders on a Privcap Media podcast on best practices for operational due diligence ahead of PE investments. Susan shares what she looks for in ops diligence and how it helps create a go-forward plan post-close.

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TCV’s Amol speaks with Trulioo’s CEO, Steve Munford, about how Trulioo’s customer base is integral to how they prioritize go-to-market channels on the Growth Journeys podcast. In addition to discussing GTM strategies, they also discuss tips and best practices for preserving culture across a rapidly growing multinational organization.

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If you are in need of resources that can proactively help you with ESG, provide the specialized operational diligence you need, or help with your GTM and growth strategies, we can quickly connect you to the PE-grade, pre-vetted, exact-fit ones you need. Give us a shout.

Read what some of our clients had to say last month.

Why BluWave was built with deal quarterbacks in mind

As a deal quarterback in private equity, Sean Mooney often struggled with getting connected to the PE-grade, specialized resources he needed to drive differential success. Sean found himself spending lots of time searching for providers on google and calling friends in search of an exact-fit service provider. This made the diligence process time-consuming and stressful. It also left only a small amount of time for the other things that matter. In order to combat this pressing issue, Sean came up with the idea for BluWave. In fact, Sean created BluWave specifically with deal quarterbacks in mind and is someone who did the job himself. Now, BluWave helps deal quarterbacks get time back in their day and gives them confidence in the third-party resources that they are utilizing.

We are here to provide deal quarterbacks with the exact-fit, private equity grade service provider they need, exactly when they need them.

Learn more about how BluWave can help deal QBs specifically in both due diligence and value creation.

If you are a deal quarterback that struggles with due diligence or value creation, we would be happy to connect with you and provide for the need you have, just contact us here.

How BluWave facilitates due diligence for deal QBs

BluWave founder and CEO, Sean Mooney, recently shared his personal experiences as a private equity deal quarterback and how that led to him founding BluWave. Sean learned through his own experiences that due diligence for deal QBs is a flawed process. He found there are far too many generalist providers that don’t quite fit the bill for the specialized needs they are trying to solve. After spending far too much time during the vetting process, Sean realized there must be another way.

In this video, he highlights the difficulties he used to face in the due diligence process including:

  • The speed required to win deals as a private equity deal QB
  • Common struggles from his experience as a deal QB
  • The unique advantages BluWave offers

Sean references BluWave as the tool that could have helped him win as a deal QB. Now, BluWave helps over 550 of the top private equity firms in the world win every day, starting with the due diligence process. We facilitate due diligence for deal QBs by connecting them with the exact-fit, PE-grade resources they need exactly when they need them.

Do you share some of Sean’s frustrations with the diligence process? Contact us to get started.

How we did it: Critical VoC Provider

An investment principal at a PE fund came to us with a critical need for Voice of Customer research on a target they had an LOI on in the staffing and recruiting industry. Expecting to get full exclusivity on the target in the next two weeks, they were urgently seeking someone who would quickly be able to perform primary and secondary research on the staffing industry in order to gauge its scope, size, and key players. They were specifically looking for a firm that could go to staffing firms and potential new clients to gather the research, and then synthesize it into usable insights. We quickly worked to understand the key criteria of their need and then leveraged our data and human ingenuity to match them with two select pre-vetted VoC providers. The client selected their ideal choice and were able to gain the customer insights they needed without wasting time or cost.

Read the full case study.

Have a VoC, other diligence, or even value creation need we can help with? Contact us here and our team will begin helping you within 24 hours.

How we did it: Immediate CDD advisor with software experience to assess potential target for PE VP

A PE fund vice president came to us with a critical need for a commercial due diligence provider that could complete a proactive market study for an asset that they expected to come to market in the next month. With their go-to providers at capacity, no access to the company’s information, and a desire to understand the major players in the IT management software market before the target went to market, the fund was in critical need of an available provider that could perform a full market study in the next week. We promptly worked to understand the client’s exact market study needs and were then able to introduce them to two exact-fit commercial due diligence providers within 24 hours. The client selected their ideal choice that had specific experience in proactively assessing industry attractiveness and was able to quickly gain the market knowledge they needed to confidently assess whether or not the potential target was something they wanted to continue pursuing.

Do you have a similar need or any other specific need we can help you with? Contact us here and we will be happy to help you.

Read the full case study here.